Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Credit Repair

The benefits of credit repair are well known, especially the potential to increase your credit score drastically. Having credit scores into the high 700s and getting lower interest rates to become too irresistible for people that they make some mistakes in their rush to repair their credit. Well, these mistakes only made matters worse. Keep reading to find out what common mistakes people make so you can avoid them.

The biggest, and probably the most unjustifiable, mistake you can make is not checking your credit report. Credit repair is all about detecting incorrect information on your credit report and filing a dispute on them. Not only does your credit score stand a good chance of increasing dramatically when the disputes are successful, but you are also likely to spot unauthorized accounts and hard inquiries, sure signs of somebody trying to steal your identity.

When trying to repair your credit, you must never succumb to procrastination, even if it becomes almost unbearable. When you see an incorrect entry on your credit history, correct it right away. Don’t wait seven years for them to expire and get taken out of your report. You should also keep a log of everything that you do in terms of credit. Having documentation on all your credit card accounts, loans, and other financial interactions will allow you the benefit of reviewing them any time you want. You should also keep copies of laws about your financial rights so you have an idea of how to avoid the penalties of having bad credit.

When you file a dispute, make sure that don’t do it too much. This means that you should avoid filing a dispute on a report from any one of the credit reporting agencies more than once or twice in a year. I other words, read through your credit report thoroughly and try to find all of the incorrect items there. They are normally found on personal records, accounts, payment history, and credit inquiries sections. List down all of them, and include them in your letter of dispute for that agency. Just make sure that you don’t change any entry that could be beneficial for you.

You should send your letter through the mail. It provides a paper trail that will eventually prove that you have indeed sent a dispute letter to a credit reporting agency. Do not ever try to send your disputes online. Any “method of verification” that they give you could be erroneous and you will be left with no other choice but to send another letter of dispute if there’s no record of you doing so earlier. It wastes time and the agency will likely not take you very seriously after that.

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